a haiku year

“The person who tells you this is impossible is the person you should start a haiku challenge with.”

ecentipede: li June 10, 2013

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sunburnt, bug-eaten,
falling asleep at dinner —
summer days well spent


ecentipede: l

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I’m Aunt E again–
oh the ways I will cherish
and spoil this wee girl


ecentipede: xlix June 7, 2013

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who has the will to
save strawberries for baking
when they’re luscious fresh?


ecentipede: xlviii

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anxiety spills,
like breaking surface tension,
water run amok


ecentipede: xlvii June 4, 2013

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silence as habit
is easier but gives me
nothing in return


ecentipede: xlvi

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nightly lullabies
music to soothe the savage
in them and in me


ecentipede: xlv May 17, 2013

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she was the anchor

our bonds are strong, but who will —
who can — replace her?


ecentipede: xliv May 15, 2013

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opening a box
to find a young tree, bristling
with new leaves — awesome


ecentipede: xliii May 13, 2013

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it was like looking
through yellowed plastic, she said,
and now colors shine


ecentipede: xlii

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bones protruding, skin
paper-white — illness, age, and
lethargy take tolls